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Cubic Gemstones is located in the Wuzhou, Guangxi, China which is the biggest manufacturing synthetic gemstones basis in the world. We are making all kinds of shapes and Brilliant Cutting Round, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Octagon, Princess, Baguette, Square, Heart, Star, Flower, Trillion, Triangle, Tapper, Cabhochon, Ball, Beads, Hexagon, Kite, Bridge, Checker Board Cut, Rose Cut, Radiant, Asscher and Etc More than 400's of Shapes and Cutting as per customer requirements.

We equip with progressed gemstones processing equipments and a team of experienced workers. We make sure that we always keep prompt delivery because of our manufacturing and manager experience.Our products are fancy colors and shapes like Round, Oval, Pear, Heart, Marquise, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Tapper and Etc. We can design all kinds special gemstones from 1mm to 150mm as our customers requested.

We are the manufacturer of Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Gemstones

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